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Today we shall be looking at the investment platform called WAZOBIA .

Wazobia investment is an online service where you make some cashback within a stipulated period once you commit to the investment.

We shall be following the order below, so you can quickly glance at the topic or page you desire but I strongly advise you patiently read through.

Without further ado, Let’s jump in…!


I have heard people term it as a Ponzi scheme, a multilevel marketing scheme, networking scheme e.t.c but the owner(s) decided to call it WAZOBIA INVESTMENTS.

In my opinion, this is what I believe it to be…a BUSINESS…!

Wazobia is a combination of three Nigerian languages Wa, Zo, Bia which means “come” in each language.

Investment on the other hand, from the dictionary (as defined below), from Merriam webster’s dictionary (fig. 1), means, “to commit money to get back a financial return.” Which literarily means, you invest some amount of money and get it back after maturity.

fig. 1

So, bringing all together is like saying “come and invest in this business” or on a wider view “…come and commit your money in this business and earn a financial return in doing so.” This sounds just like all businesses huh. But wait a minute…I am not vouching for them, of course, they just want to get into business like every other person. So it’s left for you to decide whether you want to commit your money or not after doing your due diligence research.


When you SIGN UP, you have to activate (register) your account with a one-time payment of N1,000 (one thousand naira only) then your dashboard unlocks automatically. (fig. 2) then you can enter your first investment (in naira or bitcoin). The minimum investment amount is N10,000 (ten thousand naira) equivalent to 0.0028 BTC while the maximum amount is N1,000,000 (one million naira) equivalent to 0.28btc (depending on exchange rate at your time of reading this)

wazobia cash investment account activation

fig. 2

After you commit, remember to click the “I’ve paid” button so the system can recognize and register your payment.


You make a 50% return per investment (don’t be fooled and don’t be moved just yet).

Your first investment matures 3 days after your first commitment, when you recommit, your subsequent investment(s) matures after every 7 days.

Consider this analysis to know when you will be in profit (if it is worth the risk for you):

As an example, N100,000 naira would be used as our investment

N100,0003 daysN150,000N100,000N50,000
N100,0007 daysN150,000N100,000N100,000
N100,0007 daysN150,000N100,000N150,000
N100,0007 daysN150,000N100,000N200,000
N100,0007 daysN150,000 N250,000
N500,00031 daysN750,000N400,000N250,000

With the above analysis;


REAL PROFIT = MATURITY (N750,000) + PROFIT (N250,000) = N1,000,000

PROFIT (after 31 days) = N100,000

But think of it like an investor, do you think it is profitable enough to make an extra N100,000 every 31 days after investing N100,000? check it out…would your risk gut allow you.

Furthermore, you can be confident of not being pained even if the system crashes at this point (remember…there is no complete system a 100%) because, after your first 31 days, you have broken even and can continue to invest with your acclaimed profit but if it goes south before your 31 days expire …then you surely will be on the losing side and this will turn out a bad investment for you.

But hey…! life is all about gaining and losing, and it is far better to attempt and fail in something than fail to attempt.

Risk takers are great gainers…!


You see, this question is really hard to answer but know that there is no 100% system anywhere in the world.

Check it…every system, anywhere and everywhere in the world has a loophole somehow, somewhere. Even the mighty banks are being scammed or are scammers themselves.

A good example is the current Covid-19 pandemic, where a lot of companies are folding up and a lot of staff being laid off. If their system was 100%, then it should cater for all these.

Every business tries to close that loophole and get better at it. (Again, I am not affiliated in any way to Wazobia investment. I am just thinking out loud)

So, in line with this, the wazobia cash system can crash eventually but I have researched and learned that their strength lies in its investors. This is what I mean;

Wazobia claims to provide a steady and fail-proof system through the compulsory RECOMMITMENTS by investors before the withdrawal of capital and/or profit.


When you are in the system and you invest and your investment matures, you cannot withdraw immediately even though the money is in your wallet in wazobia. You have to recommit to another round of investment (not from the money in your wallet). Immediately you do, you can then withdraw, into your Nigerian bank account, some or ALL of your investment while the new one matures in the number of days stipulated.


This can be explained with the screenshot from the platform below highlighted in yellow:

wazobia cash investment recommitment

fig. 3

Sounds good…!


After you have chosen an investment amount, you will receive a notification on your dashboard about your intention to invest as shown below (circled red)

wazobia cash investment circle period and investment entry

fig. 4

After a few minutes, the system will pair you up with another wazobia user where you will be instructed to make payment to his or her account. The details will be clearly stated on your dashboard.

Your dashboard is basically where everything happens.

Sometimes, you might be required to make your investment to different users as shown below in an example of N10,000 investment:

starting an investment in wazobia cash investment

fig. 5

You can make this payment by:

  • Bank deposit
  • Mobile transfer with USSD code
  • Mobile transfer with bank app
  • Internet banking
  • Transfer from over the counter
  • ATM transfer
  • POS transfer

Whichever method you use, please, get a screenshot of the receipt because when you click the “I’ve paid” button, you would need to upload it so the system can certify you. Although, sometimes, if the receiver confirms you before your upload, the system will still recognize your payment.

Now, when your investment matures, you will also receive payment from another user(s) exactly your investment and profit.

For this example, N15,000 is expected at maturity as shown below when users were assigned.

wazobia cash investment maturity

fig. 6

Before you can withdraw that out into your bank account that you registered with, you will need to first recommit (the fail-proof system) so that there can be continuity and the investment program continues for as long as possible (please note, this does not mean there can’t be a crash from other factors)

This circle continues like this round and round.


There are thousands of testimonials in on the platform itself which speaks volume. Once you ACTIVATE OR REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT, you can access this from your dashboard.

wazobia cash investment testimonials

wazobia cash investment testimonials

fig. 7

You can access more when you ACTIVATE AND SIGN UP HERE


A big NO…I surely wouldn’t do this if I were you.

You would need to eliminate greed from your entire being.

My sincere advice would be, before you REGISTER YOU ACCOUNT, propose in your mind a convenient starting amount from the minimum allowable investment (N10,000) that you can afford to lose without causing harm or pain to your bank balance if peradventure the system goes south on you.

Most people allow greed to overshadow their thoughts, hence, they fall into the 99% category.

Some would go and borrow, saying it is a business or sell their property for this cause. You should be laid down and flogged mercilessly.

Please, use only your spare or floating cash and just make this a passive income and not a main income.

Again, eliminate greed from your entire being.


Like anywhere else in the business world, nationwide or peradventure worldwide presence is key. The more the investors, the more thriving the business. So Wazobia cash has laid out some bonuses for referrals. This is particularly great if you can do marketing but if not, just stay out and continue to make your profit.

There is a 10% referral bonus on anybody you refer to the system on the first time payment and then a continual 5% on subsequent investments.

So, for instance, if your referral starts with N10,000, you make N1,000 (10%) from this and then subsequently N500.

Note that your subsequent 5% would continue to increase because your referral after a complete circle would mandatorily have to increase his investment after 5 withdrawals.

The sixth must be increased.

This takes us to the next topic


After you ACTIVATE/ REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT, I advise you to go through the PRIVACY, TERMS AND CONDITION of the platform.

But in brief, you will be required to upgrade your account after every circle with a minimum increment of 20%  (I think you can find this in article number 32 or so). Just read it.

a complete circle is after you have invested and received returns 5 times.

More money to be made huh…?


A guider, in this system, is someone who has been able to refer 10 people successfully. He eventually becomes a guide to his referrals and tries to build them up as well to also become guiders.

This is another way of benefitting from the system.


Aa 50% return on investment within the first three days is quite high, but if you followed me from the beginning of this review, you would realize that this figure is just an invitation to treat. Your real overall profit is 100% after 5 weeks where you will need to upgrade your investment to any other amount you desire (minimum of 20% increment) and enter another circle of 31 days. Furthermore, who cares? For now, the system is paying out as promised using SPARE CASH….checkout the testimonies…..WHEN YOU SIGN UP HERE…

Wazobia cash has been on now a little close to a year, and the growth is increasing rapidly and people are making it with their spare monies.

Please…!, don’t think you are smart, DO NOT USE MONEY YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE…like I said in the “can I borrow to start this investment” section.

For sure, sometimes, the internet system flops things just as it happens in banks but they are being sorted out in a jiffy, most times before the day runs out bringing back the system to optimal performance.

Upgrades happen at times and the system shuts down for a while and gets back up running within the shortest possible time. At this periods, payments or receipts cannot be made.

You have to decide if it’s a worthy risk for you….

REMEMBER…! do not sell your belonging for this and do not borrow for this.

Only use spare cash.

If you think you can give this a shot, REGISTER HERE and join the community of investors.

Act broke by investing your spare money and become rich, act rich by spending your spare money and become poor.

Invest wisely…!

Disclaimer: ACTIVATE CC is in no way affiliated to wazobia cash investments or wazobia.net or wazobiaweb.cash or wazobialife etc.

We cannot guarantee your investment gains. This information is based on what we know and have researched about.

Invest wisely and at your own risk.

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