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Would you like to get viral untapped traffic from TIKTOK for your niche, product, service, affiliate sales, or website visit, or are you a TikTok fan and want to add more features and venture deeper into the Video making quality for viral views? If yes, you are surely on the right platform because we are introducing to you this ecstatic and captivating TikTok software, which would make your videos more engaging and hence go viral. Therefore, without wasting a split second, lets rust out the basic details of the desired software.

The software is named VideoTik, which works as an automation TikTok app to make entertaining and funny videos without you showing your face.

So, those who feel inappropriate in showing their faces or are camera shy, should go through this application and get favorable outcomes. This software enhances your build-powered videos and plays a significant role in setting up the tone for the built-in scheduler and management team to publish your content in just three simple measures. VideoTik facilitates you with series engaging videos to get uploaded on the TikTok platform in minutes.


This application has a very simple design for easy navigation and set up for newbies and beginners in TIKTOK. The whole procedure is designed and composed into three basic steps for complacent traffic. The following three steps should be taken to get your Video done on Tik software.

  • The first step is always the easiest as you only need to log in from any desired gadget or device supporting TikTok.

  • Secondly, select the desired keyword for your Video and then create and schedule your instant Video of 60 seconds. The content should be unique and ecstatic if wanting views.

  • The third step is primarily based on compliant and publishing. Tap once on your mobile phone after receiving the phone automation notification. After this, schedule and publish your Video on TikTok.


VideoTik dramatically brings about certain changes in your genre of video content creation. The videos become more attractive, engaging with increased traffic on TikTok. The quality and attribute of Video without showing face is empowered with the usage of a built-in schedule and publishers to post your videos on TikTok. However, most of you might not be familiar with the three basic versions of VideoTik software.

VideoTik comes in three versions, accompanied by various charming characteristics and blissful offers.


  1. OTO 1-VideoTik unlimited version

  2. OTO 2-VideoTik Site builder edition

  3. OTO 3-VideoTik Agency Rights Upgrade

 The user might like any version of VideoTik software after knowing its attributes and specifications.

1.     OTO 1-VideoTik Unlimited Version

If you are looking for wide subscriptions and want to save money, you will surely make this unlimited version of VideoTik. Under this subscription, you can earn potential profit with blissful outcomes as you are bounded to a certain number of videos publishing a month. The baggage of monthly payment is also warded off, and you get on the right track by publishing hundreds of TikTok videos. More videos and content will surely generate high income together with the ability to create unlimited videos that also make you feel relaxed and complacent rather than thinking about monthly subscriptions. Therefore, just stop wasting your money and get on the right path by applying for VideoTik unlimited version.

2.     OTO 2-VideoTik Site Builder Edition

The VideoTik site builder edition will provide you with traffic and publishing of videos on multiple niches. It is conducive to growing your site, and you can create unlimited TikTok viral blog videos for viral traffic. The video could be 100 seconds in duration with customizable DONE FOR YOU engaging content.

 Moreover, this edition would captivate more traffic, thus working as an advertiser. Most importantly, the setup and navigation are simple, and you do not need to be an internet geek or with prior experience as it is all about clicking on buttons. The beginners and/or newbies are helped with this version as you do not need any skill or talent as you can create a video by choosing the desired niche, music, and then publishing it on TikTok (as simple as that). This feature would bewitch you as it saves time, and you can create hundreds of blog videos in just minutes. You will also be facilitated with the top-notch attribute of wide traffic, which ensures potential profit through affiliate marketing and viral site visit. Each blog video would be infused with buyer’s traffic, thus providing you commissions, selling products, and profit through Amazon Marketing and AdSense ads system. Therefore, if you want to generate potential profit with buyer traffic, you need to get this Site builder edition of VideoTik.

3.     OTO 3-VideoTik Agency Rights Upgrade

This upgrade edition of VideoTik is designed and composed differently from previous both editions. Primarily, this service offers you a faster way of setting up your own business on the TikTok platform. You get more commissions and sales through advertising your product brands. The Agency rights upgrade would create attractive offers and deals for ensuring boost selling and business through affiliate marketing and Amazon product reviews. Our TikTok agency, together with agency package, would work in a manner for providing more incentives to buyer’s traffic and making their potential profit too. This version requires a complete research and review details, including specification of the selling product. The usage of the Agency rights version wards off any issues of spending on paid traffic as it introduces you with real buyer’s traffic. The traffic might see your ads, buy your selling products, or even shop other products on Amazon marketing through your link. This would ensure handsome commission and selling potential profit through Affiliate marketing. So, rather than wasting time and money on paid traffic, you can get into your agency upgrade business through numerous ways and aspects.

These are the three main versions ranging from 100% leverage in making unlimited videos or boosting your site and setting up the basics of the business agency.


As previously mentioned, the VideoTik has brought about a massive change in buyer’s traffic and video creation facilities. Apart from these, VideoTik is overwhelmed with many other incentives provided to its customers.

To mention but a few.


  • VideoTik has easy setup and designed for easy navigation for newbies or beginners.

  • Provide you with a wide and blissful access of over 800 million, untapped, pool of buyers instantly. This ensures a high potential profit for VideoTik users.

  • Created with keeping part-timers in mind as it saves time and money, this being efficient in usage.

  • The untapped traffic source provides a much faster mode of buyer’s traffic to sell their product and advertise it.

  • The engaged buyers are attracted to your website, lead magnets, and engaging offers and deals, which are reasonably moderate in quality and pricing.

  • Three easy steps to get on the right track, and you can implement the app software from the home office too.

  • The euphoric attribute of instant video builder in VideoTik does not require a camera or your face for video creation (if you are short of video ideas or if you are shy of showing your face on camera).

  • Instantly monetize your TikTok with exclusive offers and deals for captivating a greater number of buyers.



If you are looking to get individual incentives or advantages, then VideoTik surely provides this too. The software hides your identity even though it makes the Video go on-trend with just music and dialogues. Moreover, seeing ads on Facebook or Instagram is a waste of time as VideoTik ensures great profit through AdSense ads and commissions. You will generate income like a boss through sponsorships, social leading, advertising revenue, Affiliate marketing, or direct sales by selling the desired agency product. With earning, you also get a chance to showcase your hidden talent on TikTok and get famous together with dignity.


Apart from schedulers and publishers, the deals and packages also play a significant part in making the user a customer. Packages are an ecstatic source of captivating wide buyer’s traffic and lead. The following packages would give you a crystal-clear idea of deals and packaging phenomena in VideoTik.

  • Create 100 videos each of 60 other every day on TikTok.

  • Addition of your watermarks and logo designs.

  • Easy access to 100 fonts and 5000 additional quotes to use.

  • 100% evergreen, reliable, and satisfactory software.

  • Access to the music library of 10000 plus varieties.

  • Access to 50000 or more videos and writings in software.

  • Unlimited downloading and publishing of videos of every niche.

  • Massive turnouts through your agency and site-building businesses.

  • The three-step procedure and you get on track with videos and music.


After mentioning the packages that are important to attract buyer’s traffic, we will now discuss the unlimited and worth using bonuses for great turnarounds in your TikTok business. The bonuses are divided into five main categories, submerged with various offering facilities.

1.     Bonus One

TikTok would provide you live growth workshops where you and I all will get collected for a live telecast workshop. This live session with TikTok influencers would guide you with marketing growth strategies, which would help you expand your agency business based on TikTok and get paid in 6 figures. The strategies would also get you desired traffic and lead for wide, expanded business to corner out your opponents’ big bodies. Therefore, do not lose this worth watching workshop and get ready to witness some business changes.

2.     Bonus Two

The service of level graphics for adding more beauty to the TikTok videos. Get graphic resources for the creation of premium TikTok videos and streams. VideoTik allows you access to thousands of graphic images and clear background music services. The resources would also help other video creation software and attract more buyers’ traffic because of blissful editing and designing done in the videos.

3.     Bonus three

The third unlimited bonus is White label permit to auto video themes. The video theme helps to lift all the basic video creation work and provide you engaging, content-rich, and captivating blog videos in just minutes. It is efficient in terms of saving users’ effort and time too. Unlimited auto buyer’s traffic in just minutes would ensure great success with reasonable profit through ads, amazon selling, and affiliate marketing. Moreover, the Videos theme does everything on its own and provides you impeccable graphic and clear audio and visualization in a short phase of time. Therefore, what are you waiting for as this bonus has everything to gain and nothing to lose?

4.     Bonus Four

The fourth bonus is of resellers to rank your videos and content at the number one position. As a result, you get an anonymous buyer’s traffic and leads, thus providing huge sums of profits. This ranking and positioning of resellers’ traffic and content are done through the VidRankneos application. The rank features and spy tracker determine your current position and changes in positioning too. You also get reports of competitors in punctuality, which keeps you intact with your ongoing business agency. Stop wasting your time and get on the right path by getting this bonus and reaching high altitude aims.

5.     Bonus 5

The last bonus is learning the tactics and strategies of video creation. As a newbie, you should go for this bonus and learn the basics and premium attributes of video creation. Through various online workshops, you would be taught to create high ranking, engaging, and friendly video contacts to attract buyers’ traffic and leads. This bonus would be worth experiencing as many of your problems can be dealt with.

In conclusion, VideoTik automation traffic software has brought multiple changes in TikTok. Not only creating videos without a face, but this software also provides a real bonus, packages, and three up to date versions and edition. The unlimited videos, site building content, and upgrade business strategies and agencies are the keen interest of many TikTok users.

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