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Activatecc.org was borne out of the zeal to freely give out valuable information that i have researched myself and using to make passive income online on a part time basis. I have quit online income many times in the past because i initially thought i could get in today and start making money tomorrow. i lacked patience and consistency which is two of the major things you need to succeed online. I am back at it now because i have learnt that and want to share what i research.

My research is based, majorly, on how to make money online, reviews on investments and traffic generation strategies.

People lack the needed information on how to make money online and the good part is that you can earn this income whether passively without quitting your 9-5 job as I am doing or on full time basis, if you have the time and zeal to do so.

It is majorly believed that everything online, business-wise, is a scam whereas, a whole lot of people are actually making cool cash online. Only if you take the right path.

This website is dedicated to leading you through that path and hence, your presence here.

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Hi there, my name is Damilola Olufemi, the founder of activatecc.org a construction builder by day and an affiliate marketer, a Forex trader, and make money online researcher by night.  

I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I love what I do.

This is activate cool cash (activatecc.org) and welcome to the website.